Welcome to my world...

English figurative bronze sculptor, J. Anne Butler now lives in Arizona USA, in our Sonoran garden oasis that  we have created in the Arizonan desert, with our family of two dogs and four cats, and a constant stream of native wildlife.
It truly is a little touch of heaven, as you can see from Anne's photographs.We hope you enjoy the figurative bronze sculpture that Anne has created, let us know what you think. Bronze sculpture is a gift to the next generation. 

About Us

Anne with husband , Ray.

Anne and husband, Ray.

 Anne and Ray enjoying a rare moment of relaxation and contemplation.

Ray is your first port of call with comments and inquiries.

Gizmo, studio assistant.

Gizmo along with his partner felines Oliver, Daisy and Lizzie makes sure life is good.


The smallest member of the team.